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Cute Frog Earrings
Cute Frog Earrings
Cute Frog Earrings

Cute Frog Earrings

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Our cute two-way frog earrings are perfect for nature and frog lovers.

The earrings work like this: One part is the head with the pin which goes through the "body" of the stud behind the earlobe. The clasp encloses both pieces around the earlobe.
You can use it like in the photos (earrings with head and body), or only the Frog head as a regular ear stud. These earrings are sure to be a conversation piece so why not throw a party and let everyone see your brilliant new earrings.


Average weight: 3.44 gr (one pair)
Length: 1.9 cm
Width: 1.2 cm
Studs are in Copper, Nickel Free